About Us

Innologic is poised to be a leading ultrasound and urodynamics equipment & consumables supplier. We ensure that everything we supply is up to the highest standard. At Innologic, we are focused on sourcing and supplying innovative, quality products and customer service to Australian & New Zealand healthcare providers.

Our Products

Our range of ultrasound & urodynamics devices are exclusively ours for distribution. You will not find these devices anywhere else on the market. Our products feature state of the art software that you would not ordinarily find in products in their price range and come fully functional out of the box. That way you can be sure you are getting the full package at the price quoted to you.

Our Staff

Innologic are an Australian owned and operated company at the forefront of the Urology & Urodynamics fields. We have in excess of 70 years of combined experience in the medical device industry so you can be sure that we know what practitioners are looking for.

Our Goal

At Innologic we strive to ensure that our customers are treated with the utmost in customer care  and remain clients with us for years to come. We provide longer than standard warranties on all our products. We full support and maintain all of our products, that way you will never be outsourced to anyone else. We aim to maintain strong relationships with all our clients and demand strong customer focus out of all our staff because we value placing a personalised focus on every client.