Bristol Basic Urodynamics Course

  • Monday 2nd – Tuesday 3rd July 2018

    Gold Coast, Australia


    This 2 day course is held once a year. The first day covers the theory of urodynamics and the second day is “hands on” with urodynamic equipment and the urodynamic staff. Intended delegates include doctors, nurses, & allied health professionals who have little or no urodynamic experience.

    Learning Points

    • appreciation of the philosophy behind urodynamic studies (UDS) as part of patient investigation
    • basic knowledge of the principles behind the measurement of urine flow and pressure
    • basic knowledge of the techniques of flow and pressure measurement
    • ability to interpret straight forward urodynamic traces
    • appreciation of the artefacts seen during UDS
    • basic ability to operate urodynamic equipment

    CPD Information

    Accredited for 12 points in the Clinical Expertise domain for full attendance

    Pending Approval for 12 points to eligible Fellows for full course attendance

    Participants in the RACP MyCPD Program may apply for CPD credits under “Category 4: Group Learning ” at 1 credits per hour.

  • Please note that we will confirm your registration only after receipt of payment. Cancellations received within 30 days of commencement date will be not be eligible for any refund.

    Cancellation Policy

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  • Schedule

    Day 1 – 2nd July

    (Registration at 8.30am)

    9.00 amIntroduction to Course
    9.30 amIntroduction to Urodynamics
    10.30 amCoffee/tea break
    11.00 amPrinciples of measuring urine flow and pressure
    12.00 amThe urine flow clinic
    12.30 pmLunch
    1.30 pmFilling Cystometry
    2.30 pmVoiding Cystometry
    3.30 pmCoffee/tea break
    4.00 pmPrinciples of Equipment Setup
    5.00 pmEnd of day 1

  • Schedule

    Day 2 – 3rd July

    9.00 amPractical Session 1. Urine flow studies and bladder diaries (3 groups)
    10.00 amVideo of female urodynamics
    10.30 amCoffee/tea break
    11.00 amPractical Session 2: Filling Cystometry (3 groups)
    12.00 pmVideo of male urodynamics
    12.30 pmLunch
    1.30 pmPractical session 3: Voiding Cystometry (3 groups)
    2.30 pmPractical session 4: Artefacts and pitfalls of urodynamics (3 groups)
    3.30 pmCoffee/tea break
    4.00 pmLecture: Urodynamics in common conditions
    •  Stress incontinence
    •  Overactive bladder
    •  Bladder outlet obstruction
    •  Role of specialist urodynamic testing

    5. 00 pmEnd of Course

Course Faculty

Course Director

Hashim Hashim, Director of the Urodynamics Unit, Bristol Urological Institute


Hashim Hashim MD, FEBU, FRCS (Urol), Consultant Urological Surgeon & Honorary Professor, Bristol Urological Institute

Marcus Drake MD, FRCS (Urol), Professor of Physiological Urology & Consultant Urological Surgeon, University of Bristol & Bristol Urological Institute

Laura Thomas, Clinical Scientist (Uro/GI) & Manager of Urodynamics Unit, Bristol Urological Institute


Professor Hashim

Professor Hashim is a Consultant Urological Surgeon, Honorary Professor and Director of the Urodynamics Unit at the world renowned Bristol Urological Institute. He is a world renowned urologist specialising in female and functional urology including male and female urinary incontinence, neurourology, urodynamics and pelvic reconstruction. He is a committee member of the European Association of Urology section of female and functional urology, the International Consultation on Incontinence Urodynamics committee and an associate editor of Neurourology and Urodynamics journal. He has authored over 60 articles in peer reviewed journals, as well as 40 book chapters and 7 books, and is a reviewer for several national and international journals.

Marcus Drake

Marcus Drake is Professor of Physiological Urology at the University of Bristol, and Honorary Consultant Surgeon at the Bristol Urological Institute at Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK. He undertook his medical training at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford and was awarded his Doctorate Thesis by the University of Oxford.

He was Chairman of the International Continence Society’s Standardisation Steering Committee for 6 years. He is a board member of the European School of Urology, and of the European Society of Female and Functional Urology. He is also a member of the European Association of Urology Guidelines committee for male urinary symptoms (LUTS). In 2012, he chaired the Nocturia committee at the Consultation on Male LUTS and the Neurogenic Incontinence committee at the International Consultation on Incontinence, co-chairing the latter committee in 2016. He is former Chairman for Urology/ Urogynaecology in the UK National Health Service’s Comprehensive Clinical Research Network.

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