• DC-70

    Quality Exams at Your Fingertips

    Quality exams with exceptional imaging, innovative technology and workflow efficiency, is what sets the DC-70 apart. The DC-70 incorporates an optimum balance of advanced technologies to provide quality imaging and productivity.

    High performance transducers, powered by patented 3T Technology and echo-enriched beamformer technology, coupled with smart algorithms such as Echo Boost, second generation HR Flow and user-friendly workflow related functions, allow the DC-70 to address challenges faced daily in practices.

    Productive departments and practices require ultrasound systems that provide dedicated technology to enhance ease-of-use, increase workflow efficiency, and improve reliability. Systems should also offer a comprehensive range of solutions for routine exams. Equipped with rich features, including iLive, SmartOB, Smart NT and iPage, the DC-70 provides advanced functions for the quality ultrasound imaging essential in healthcare.

    • Sleek, streamlined, compact shape
    • User friendly keyboard and controls
    • Lightweight system for enhanced mobility
    • High resolution LCD Monitor
    • 3T™ Transducer Technology
    • Echo-enriched beamformer
    • iLive™: exceptionally realistic views of the fetus
    • SmartOB™: automatic measurement of major fetal biometric parameters – BPD, HC, OFD, FL, AC
    • Gesture sensitive touchscreen
    • MedSight™: transfers clinical images and cine to iOS or Android powered smart devices via an interactive app
    • MedTouch™: app provides a remote way to control the ultrasound system, and access patient data via an Android device
    • iWorks™: built-in standard scan protocols can reduce exam time up to 50%
    • iTouch™: one button image optimization
    • iClear™: speckle suppression
    • Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging: Enhance contrast resolution and improve image quality by separating basal frequency and harmonic content
    • Intelligent workflow with more efficiency
    • Onboard reporting: standard templates for various applications
    • DICOM 3.0 Compliant

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