• Gracie HD

    A modern and friendly environment for both the physician and patient emphasizing ergonomics and effectiveness of gynecological investigation. GRACIE with an integrated video colposcope, the option of connection to an ultrasound machine and an instrument trolley guarantee a modern and friendly environment for your client.

    •  FULL HD Video colposcope integrated into the examination chair
      • Auto/manual focus
      • 20x optical zoom
      • FULL HD Wide 21″ screen (view image from colposcope or ultrasound)
      • FULL HD resolution
      • Freeze image
      • Capturing photos and videos
      • Wireless transfer of photos and videos into PC
      • Green filter
      • 2 intensities of LED illumination
      • Polarizing filter
    • Easy and fast control for chair positioning
    • Wireless solution -Transfer colposcope photos and videos to your computer.
    • Hygiene and safety focus


    Download Gracie Brochure