• M6

    Ultrasound System

    Configured with full range transducers, advanced clinical functions, and intelligent measurement tools, the M6 makes ultrasound scanning and diagnosis accurate and versatile in extremely compact size. The new M6, the ideal balance of capability and size for a confident diagnosis at the bedside.

    Benefitting from technology migrated from established hand-carried ultrasound systems, the M6 offers the best balanced performance with a super wide range of tools that maximize diagnostic capability. Covering general imaging, OB/GYN, Urology,  and point of care, the M6 provides advanced and complete solutions including HR Flow, UWN Contrast Imaging, Natural Touch Elastography, 4D imaging, TDI & TDI QA and Free Xros M/CM.

    The M6 is also equipped with automatic measurement, intelligent workflow, onboard education software and flexible connectivity solutions, reducing repetitive steps and button strokes, thus making diagnosis in a smart way. Application-specific auto-measurement packages include Auto IMT, Auto LV, Smart OB etc., and all maximize scanning comfort. With tutorial function iScanHelper, practitioners can learn basic scanning skill during real time scanning. iStorage and Medsight are software/App supporting transferring clinical images to PC or even smart phone to maximize the clinical efficiency.


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