• Quickstep

    Quickstep™ Urodynamics System

    Quickstep™ provides a full-featured solution for busy hospital clinics.  Supplied with standard definition video urodynamics capabilities, the system can be integrated with ultrasound or fluoroscopes to capture images during urodynamic studies.

    The Quickstep™ urodynamics system is an ergonomic 8-channel system, designed for more complex functional diagnostics in Urology and Urogynaecology. It can also be expanded to accommodate additional test protocols for gastroenterology, ano-rectal manometry and other fields (optional).

    Capable of all standard ICS methods, it provides a flexible and ergonomic solution for:

    • 8-channel urodynamics system
    • Integrated video urodynamics module
    • Height adjustable operators console
    • Touch screen interface
    • Small footprint cart
    • Wireless printing
    • Industrial grade PC with Windows® operating system
    • WiFi connectivity
    • Optional puller for profilometry
    • Optional EMG (dual channel)
    • Optional ARM Software module and transducers
    • Optional Esophageal Software module and transducers
    • Wipe clean infection control friendly keyboard & touchpad
    • Integrated infusion pump and IV
    • Ultrasound Module (optional)


    Please contact us to discuss your clinics requirements.

    Download Quickstep Brochure