• Vitascan

    Bladder Scanning has become a standardised non-invasive method to measure bladder volume. VitaScan offers flexible and efficient solutions.

    VitaScan LT USB probe gives you access to the bladder measurement from your own laptop, a desktop PC in patient rooms or examination rooms. The application is intuitive to use and bladder detected is via real-time ultrasound before volume measurements are calculated. This provides for greater accuracy and a better user experience.

    VitaScan LT Wi-Fi Module connects VitaScan LT to any device – Lap Top, Tablet or Phone – that has wireless connectivity. There is no need for a distinctive device/computer to run the VitaScan LT software. Use your standard device/computer that you are using for other common tasks.

    The VitaScan LT Wi-Fi module is a powerful tool for mobile users, such as home care nursing that use a tablet for their patient records. The same tablet may track patient records and perform bladder scanning.

    The VitaScan LT Wi-Fi Module is a battery powered device with a capacity of 2500mAh.

    The battery pack can power the VitaScan LT probe for 5 hours of continual scanning, – making it robust and reliable. The module pairs up with any device via a wireless network. VitaScan LT software has been ported to support new operating systems including Windows 10, Android OS, OSX and IOS.

    Bladder scanners are cost effective and non-invasive. They save staff time & reduce potential infections by reducing unnecessary catheterisation, saving disposable equipment expense, as well as reducing procedures that are uncomfortable for patients.

    Today there are many day surgeries & outpatient clinics. There is a need to detect the bladder volume after surgery, were the patient has had an indwelling catheter. Drugs, anaesthetics and analgesics contribute to the patient’s ability to recognize “urge” is reduced. It is important to verify that the bladder volume is not too large. This is to prevent damage to the bladder and to have clinical results to justify corrective action.

    Bladder Scanners are useful and important in most hospital wards, in retirement homes, and in primary care.

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